UTA Signs Social Token Platform Rally To Connect “Crypto-Interested Talent” With Fans – Deadline

UTA Signs Social Token Platform Rally To Connect “Crypto-Interested Talent” With Fans – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: In its latest push into the fast growing, red-hot crypto/NFT space, UTA has signed new client Rally and is working “to educate and inspire” creators, artists, celebrities and athletes to connect with fans on the platform.

Rally, a fan engagement and monetization toolkit, is looking to expand more broadly in entertainment. UTA Marketing, the agency’s consulting division, will spearhead the relationship and work alongside the UTA Digital Assets division (one of the first among major agencies to delve into the crypto/NFT space) to facilitate talent onboarding onto the platform. The social tokens that Rally helps create are a kind of branded cryptocurrency for creators and others to build “sustainable, independent economies” with and their fans, who can buy and use the tokens for access to exclusive content, private communities, backstage access, tickets and merchandise.

“Rally has created a powerful set of tools to help talent connect with their fans in new ways, and we are excited to work with them in this dynamic space,” said Lesley Silverman, UTA’s Head of Digital Assets. The fine arts agent was the first there to focus full-time on this new asset class when the division launched early this year.

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Cryptocurrency has been around for years. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, took off in the art world first, shooting to public prominence last March when the artist called Beeple sold an NFT of his work at Christie’s for $69 million. These