FUDGE TOKEN: Game changer of the decade launches in presale – GlobeNewswire

FUDGE TOKEN: Game changer of the decade launches in presale – GlobeNewswire

London, May 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There is an addition of a newly born “Fudge “to the booming crypto industry. Fudge is in the process of launch and final development rollout, and certainly is heading to the moon with its roadmap. The Fudge team seeks to deploy a new Decentralized Financing platform dedicated to fix the conventional crypto related volatility issues.

What is FUDGE ?

Multiple Alt-coins are sky rocketing but each of them is associated with some shortfalls. Especially the Annual Percentage Yield is exposed to the risk of instant loss due to volatility and liquidity. Moreover, the beginners are trapped in the promises of huge returns and staking awards. Fudge is directed towards the community offering innumerable services. The governance regularity bodies are accessible by FUDGE HODLers thus ensuring an exchange platform for the investors to the contributor. In making future suggestions vote a platform on which HODLers can vote and make future suggestions. The FUDGE is working with the aim of “The Power is yours”.

“The Fudge Token team is set to deliver ahead of time, a much needed solution to the pricing volatility that plagues crypto communities globally.”


The digital currency is going to be revolutionized with FUDGE TOKEN, it is going to be a game changer of the century by equally distributing the power among the members sharing rewards. FUDGE TOKEN is going to adopt a static